This project was directed by Dr. Gabriela Pérez Báez (Smithsonian Institution) and carried out in collaboration with five members of the La Ventosa community – Rosaura López Cartas, Reyna Guadalupe López López, Velma Orozco Trujillo, Fernando Sánchez López, y Pedro Trujillo Vera. The project was interdisciplinary: Documentation of linguistic data and local plant knowledge, including Spanish plant descriptions, were completed by Dr. Pérez Báez. Plant collection, species identification and management of botanical data were overseen by Alberto Reyes García of the National Herbarium of Mexico (MEXU) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and biologist Kenia Velasco Gutierrez. Mr. Sánchez López and Mr. Trujillo Vera collected plant specimens over a series of 92 outings in 225 locations around La Ventosa.

Data capture was completed by Ms. López López. The photographic records are the work of Oaxacan artist Gibrán Morales Carranza. Zapotec plant descriptions and all Zapotec translations were completed by Víctor Cata, a historian, writer, and linguist from Juchitán de Zaragoza. The project was managed by Dr. Pérez Báez and project assistant Kate Riestenberg. The project was sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution with support from the Recovering Voices initiative and the Consortium of World Cultures. The project also benefitted from the support of the municipal authorities in La Ventosa throughout the investigation, in particular the Bacuza Gui Cultural Center and the María Cheu Cultural Committee of La Ventosa, as well as a number of other institutions and their personnel: the National Herbarium of Mexico (MEXU), the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca, Integrated Services of Indigenous Communities (BENI ICHI IN A.C.), and the Society for the Study of Biotic Resources of Oaxaca (SERBO A.C.), with special thanks to Dr. Vicki Funk and the Departments of Anthropology, Botany, and Informatics at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

In addition, we are grateful for the support of the following members of the La Ventosa community:

  • Pedro Castillo de la Cruz
  • Jose López de la Cruz
  • Rogelio López López
  • Víctor López López
  • Francisco López Montero
  • Hageo Montero
  • Pedro Rasgado
  • Dr. Manuel Ríos
  • Citlali Toledo Burke
  • Diana Lenia Toledo Rasgado
  • René Valdivieso Rasgado
  • Families of La Ventosa who allowed collection to take place at their homes

As well as the following scholars and professionals:

  • Dr. Jonathan Amith
  • Dr. Alejandro de Ávila
  • Víctor Cata
  • Dr. Larry Dorr
  • Mayra Fernández Jacinto
  • Dr. Vicky Funk
  • Dr. David Gernandt
  • Adelfo Martínez
  • Silvia Hortensia Salas Morales