guie' cha'chi gui'xhi


Common Names:
guie' cha'chi gui'xhi
Tree that reaches a height of 8 meters. It is of the same species as the plant referred to as guie' cha'chi (cacalosúchil in Spanish), but guie' cha'chi gui'xhi refers to the wild mountain variety of the tree. It flowers during the dry season, especially in the month of May. The white flower is eaten by deer. Usually there are three branches extending from the trunk of the tree and this part of the tree is used as a stand for large clay basins. The wood is not water-resistant and rots easily.
Selva baja caducifolia. Camino viejo del arrollo. Selva baja caducifolia. Cerca del basurero.
Associated Flora:
yana', guie' niza, tule, xhaga la, chumaga, guiichi yaa, xuba' rooba, yaga la guitu xiña, pimienta, gula bere' xiaa, te simarron, cortes, bidxi toope, guie' bi'chi, yaazi, xhidxiña yaase, guie' xhuuba, tau cuuni, bidxi mula', xhidxiña