guiichi tachi


Common Names:
guiichi tachi
Abundant tree that reaches a height of 10 meters. This species is the only Cactaceae in the region that has the appearance of a tree (arborescent). It produces a spherical, yellow fruit that is considered to have prickles even on the inside, so it is to be handled carefully. It is said that the prickles blow in the wind, probably due to the abundance of the tree and how prickly it is. Legend also has it that when someone is pricked by the fruit, the prickles course through the person's body.
Selva baja espinosa. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
ma lu'lu, guiichi bixa', guie' bi'chi, quebra acha, mata buey, guie' gade, marabia, yaga la guitu xiña, bacua, yaazi, biquiiche yaase, pimienta, guiichi bidu', tau cuuni, luba' guiichi gu, guiichi bateede, yaga la guiaa, batuuba', biquiiche quichi'