guixi donda


Common Names:
guixi donda
Abundant herb that reaches a height of 1 meter. It grows in humid areas rich in salt, such as those near the ocean, but also on dry terrain. The leaves are spear-shaped (lanceolate) and have a sharp tip that cuts the skin when brushing up against it. It produces a red fruit that grows in clusters and is used by shepherds to make a paint for their staffs. The leaves are used as feed for livestock. The herb is burnt to boost propagation and ensure sufficient feed for livestock.
Selva baja caducifolia. Donde sacaron material para la autopista.
Associated Flora:
chilui', taangu ta beela, pimienta, copal, yaga la guitu, batuuba, yaga la guitu berde, guiichi buu, guie' chaachi, la'sa yu te, colla mani xubi, bacuella gui'xhi, te simarron, yaga ziña, guiichi bixa'