Common Names:
One of two aquatic plants of cultural significance, the other being the xtaga be'ñe. Both plants produce a white flower. The xtage be'ñe flowers during the day and gives off a modest aroma, unlike the mudubina, which flowers at night and gives off a pleasant, much stronger aroma. Legend has it that these plants used to grow in the ground rather than in water. Then, one day, the xtaga be'ñe saw the mudubina and fell in love with her, but his love was unrequited. When the mudubina finally fell for the xtaga be'ñe, the xtaga be'ñe was dying. Upon seeing that her love was dying, mudubina began to cry, and she cried so much that a lake began to form around her. From that moment on, both became aquatic plants. The two plants continue to live near each other, but they can never see each other because one flowers during the day and the other flowers at night.
Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
cebolla nisa, sapandu, tule, guixi bi'cu, anona, yerba de toro, fitufiu', xhaga la, guiichi yaa, guiichi bidoorre, sabi guini, guie' se', chumaga nguiu', yana', palo blanco, yaga bii, guiichi dxita