bacuella gui'xhi


Common Names:
bacuella gui'xhi
piñuela, flor de campo
This name is given to at least two different species of the Bromeliaceae family, including Bromelia palmeri and Tillandsia ionantha. B. palmeri is a plant native to Mexico. The species known as bacuella gui'xhi can have a number of different forms, such as herbs, plants that grow among rocks (rupicolous), plants whose leaves are arranged like rose petals (rosette-like) and plants that grow on other plants (epiphytes). The epiphyte bacuella gui'xhi plants grow on trees and cactuses. However, they do not extract any resources from the plant they develop on, so they are not parasitic plants. The species found in La Ventosa are usually small, and do not exceed 0.5 meters in height. They are abundant in La Ventosa. One of the plants known as bacuella gui'xhi, Tillandsia sp., produces an inflorescence with purple flowers. These flowers, which have no aroma, are used in the New Year for the manger of the Baby Jesus. Another produces spherical fruit with a bittersweet flavor, still considered edible by some people. Others still have leaves shaped like a hammock under which armadillos shelter.
Selva baja caducifolia. Monte San Martin. Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado. Selva baja caducifolia. Aprovechamiento de madera. Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado y aprovechamiento de madera.
Associated Flora:
cumbriu, sabi duni, batuuba, chumaga, tau cuuni, copal, xuba' be'za, bui' dani, guiichi bidoorre, biitu xiga, xuba' be'za, guiichi ndani, guie' bi'chi, yaazi, sabi guini, xhaga la, guiichi bixa', yaga la guiaa, xcuaana biichi, bacua, bacuella gui'xhi lu yaga, guie' niza, yana', yaga la guitu, batuuba', guiichi biduaa, San Juan, guie' bi'chi, yaga la guitu, bidxi toope, yaazi, guie' chaachi, yaga la guiaa, bacuella gui'xhi, dxima, papaya gui'xhi, mata buey, cumbriu, guiichi tachi, guiichi xahui, chubi', yaga xuga, palo mulato, guie' niza, xuba' be'za, guiichi bixa', guiichi dxita, papaya gui'xhi, yaazi, granadiu, cortes, guiichi xahui, sabi duni, piñon, ma lu'lu, bidxi toope, guiichi ndani, yaga la guiaa, tau cuuni, bacua, sabi duni, papaya dani, yaga la guitu, bui' dani, dxima, dxima yuxi, guie' chaachi, guiichi bidu', orquidia, cortes, guie' chaachi, xhidxiña, la'sa xiaa, guiichi biduaa, xhaga la, taangu ta beela, bitiaa gui'xhi, chumaga, guixi bandaga guie' quichi', guie' bi'chi, papaya dani, guenda bidxu, sabi duni, gula bere' guie, chumaga, yaazi, la'sa bidxiña, ma lu'lu, palo mulato, bidxi toope, bidxi mula', bacuella gui'xhi, batuuba', congo, du'ga dani, cortes, guiichi dxita, yaazi, guie' bi'chi, yaga la guitu, dxima, tau cuuni, yaga la guiaa, chumaga, biaachi, bidxi mula', la'sa xiaa, sapotiu, guie' chaachi, yaga la guiaa, dxima, chumaga, congo, guie' chaachi, yaazi, pimienta, luba' jicama, luba' beella quii, piñon, yaga la guitu, yaga la guie, guie' xhuuba, guie' se', guiichi dxita, batuuba, flor del campo, bidxi toope, dxima yuxi, luba' beella quii, maguey, guiichi bidu', bioongo dani, batuucha, incha huevo, bacuella gui'xhi, yaazi, la'sa bidxiña, bidxi mula', congo, ma lu'lu, guie' chaachi, dxima, bidxi beenda, yaga la guitu xiña, bichiisa, nanchi lula', tau cuuni, tau cuuni yaase, guiichi bidu', fitufiu', guie' chaachi, dxima, batuuba, guiichi laya, bidxi toope, bidxi beenda, bidxi luba', bichiisa, guie' xhuuba, guiichi bixa', tau cuuni, tau cuuni yaase, guiichi bidu', fitufiu', guie' chaachi, dxima, batuuba, guiichi laya, bidxi toope, bidxi beenda, bidxi luba', bichiisa, guie' xhuuba, guiichi bixa'


Endemic to Mexico
Endemic to Oaxaca