beella quii


Common Names:
beella quii
Abundant woody vine with white flowers and fruit that resembles a triangle. Although it is similar to the species known as golondrina, the beella quii is considered toxic, because if drunk it can cause nausea. It is also used for fishing, because when crushed and thrown into the water it stuns the fish, so they can easily be captured using a net. It is believed that the name given to this woody vine refers to the texture, similar to cattle meat when roasted.
Selva baja espinosa. Área protegida.
Associated Flora:
bacua, cumbriu, guiichi bixa', yaga bii, yaga la guitu, ma lu'lu, luba' beella quii, yaga la guiaa, guiichi dxiña, dxima, granadiu, xhaga la, guie' chaachi, yaga bidxi