biaa gueta gui'xhi


Common Names:
biaa gueta gui'xhi
nopal de monte
Creeping plant from the Cactaceae family or woody plant, found in abundance in the hills, with leaves resembling a tortilla. The shape of the leaves may explain the name of biaa gueta, which means tortilla. In his Graphic-Phonemic Guide for Reading and Writing Zapotec, Eustaquio Jiménez Girón indicated the plant is also known as chi biaa gueta, which he believes is a contraction of the phrase "guiichi biaa gueta", meaning "broad, thorny tortilla". Because it is so thorny, this cactus is not eaten. The fruit is used as feed for birds. In the past, children used part of the flower to make toy earrings. The cochineal is also extracted to make dyes.
Selva baja espinosa. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
ma lu'lu, guiichi bixa', guie' bi'chi, quebra acha, mata buey, guie' gade, marabia, yaga la guitu xiña, bacua, yaazi, biquiiche yaase, pimienta, guiichi bidu', tau cuuni, luba' guiichi gu, guiichi bateede, yaga la guiaa, batuuba', biquiiche quichi'