guenda bidxu nisa


Common Names:
guenda bidxu nisa
anona, papause
This term refers to at least two species of the genera Annona and Rollinia, which belong to the Annonaceae family. These abundant trees grow at the side of ditches and rivers, and reach a height of 3 and 4 meters. The flowers are yellow, and the fruit, called papause, is edible. One type of fruit, called guendabidxu ique bere, is considered to have properties for the treatment of parasites. Children with intestinal parasites are given the fruit to eat in the morning on an empty stomach.
Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
bidxi toope, pepe huaje, mata buey, mala mujer, guiichi ndani, papaya gui'xhi, guenda bidxu, dxima, guiichi bizaari, chumaga, yana', xhaga la, guiichi bidoorre, tau cuuni, guiichi bixa', sabi duni, guie' se', guiichi yaa, sabi guini, guiichi belle, yaga xuga, yaga bia gueta