luba' be'te


Common Names:
luba' be'te
flor de zorillo
This name refers to Mansoa hymenaea, which belongs to the Bignoniaceae family, and is an abundant woody vine with purple flowers and green fruit. There is a vine root known as xcu be'te or raíz de zorrillo to which medicinal properties are attributed and which is commonly crushed to open up the nostrils or crushed and soaked in alcohol to treat rheumatism. There is some disagreement among those familiar with the plant as to whether this root belongs to the species described here, or the root of a different species known as xcu be'te or raíz de zorrillo. Consult the corresponding entry for further information.
Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado. Selva baja caducifolia. Donde bajan a tomar agua los ganados.
Associated Flora:
granadiu, mata buey, guie' gade, bidxi toope, piñon, yaazi, yana', guiichi ndani, xuba' be'za, guiichi bizaari, luba' golondrina, luba' beella quii, copal, sa gue'la, guiichi bidu', ñee bidxiña, yaga bii, biibi, guiichi bupu, luba' be'te', yaga beu', la xhadxi, guiichi ndani, chumaga, biquiiche, gula bere', luba' begu, huigu', golondrina