pichiinchi yu


Common Names:
pichiinchi yu
This name is used to refer to at least two species belonging to the genus Euphorbia, of the Euphorbiaceae family. These medicinal herbs grow radially at ground level, and their structures are very small. The flowers are white and the fruit is green or brown. Medicinal properties have been attributed to them to treat a variety of ills, including eye infections, diabetes and stomachache caused by embarrassment. Some people eat the raw herbs crushed, while others grill them over charcoal first.
Selva baja espinosa. Monte San Martin. Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
cumbriu, sabi duni, batuuba, chumaga, tau cuuni, copal, xuba' be'za, bui' dani, bidxi toope, pepe huaje, mata buey, mala mujer, guiichi ndani, papaya gui'xhi, guenda bidxu, dxima, guiichi bizaari