sabi duni


Common Names:
sabi duni
Tree that reaches a height of 5 meters and produces yellow flowers in the dry season. The flowers and leaves are commonly eaten by cattle, and the fruit is a long, green pod. Medicinal properties are attributed to the bark for the treatment of infected wounds in cattle: the bark is scraped or crushed into a fine powder, which is mixed with salt and placed on the wound. Despite the Spanish name, vainilla (vanilla), this species does not belong to the Vanilla genus of orchids, from the species of which the flavoring known as vanilla is extracted.
Selva baja espinosa. Monte San Martin. Selva baja espinosa. Para pastoreo de ganado. Selva baja caducifolia. Antiguo camino real.
Associated Flora:
cumbriu, sabi duni, batuuba, chumaga, tau cuuni, copal, xuba' be'za, bui' dani, sabi duni, xhaga la, guiichi dxita, guiichi laya bi'cu, chumaga, guiichi bidoorre, yaga bii, guiichi yaa, guixi bandaga, granadiu, sabi duni, xhaga la, guiichi ndani, guiichi bidu', guiichi dxita, gula bere', yaazi, guiichi laya bi'cu, yaga bidxi, yana', du'ga dani quichi', congo dani