sabi guini


Common Names:
sabi guini
This name is used to refer to at least two species of the genus Agonandra, which belongs to the Opiliaceae family. These abundant trees reach a height of 6 meters. The flowers are green with yellow, and the yellow fruit is used to feed iguanas and birds. The wood was once used to make toy tops and cup-and-ball toys, because it is very hard wearing and does not split when nails are driven into it. Some people use the leaves to cure fright. Medicinal properties are also attributed to the leaves to treat inflammation: they are soaked in a substance called "catalán" and used to bathe the body or as an enema.
Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
biitu xiga, guiichi bixa', sabi guini, guie' niza, bara seda, tau cuuni, guiichi yaa, guiichi xumi, guiichi bii, guie' se', xhaga la, guiichi bidoorre, guie' bi'chi, gula bere', quebra acha, bigupi benda, biquiiche yaase, chumaga, yana', xhaga la, guiichi bidoorre, tau cuuni, guiichi bixa', sabi duni, guie' se', guiichi yaa, sabi guini, guiichi belle, yaga xuga, yaga bia gueta


Endemic to Mexico
Endemic to Oaxaca