xcu be'te


Common Names:
xcu be'te
raíz de zorrillo
This name is used to refer to a herb and a vine. The Spanish name, raíz de zorrillo (skunk root), refers to the roots, which have an unpleasant smell, but are valued for the medicinal properties attributed to them. The roots are commonly crushed to clear the nose, or crushed and soaked in alcohol to treat rheumatism. There is some disagreement among experts as to whether these roots are exclusively those of Petiveria alliacea of the Phytolaccaceae family and Fridericia mollissima of the Bignoniaceae family described here, known as cu be'te or raíz de zorrillo, or whether these names should also be extended to refer to the root of the woody vine known as luba' be'te or flor de zorillo. Consult the corresponding entry for further information.
Selva baja caducifolia. A orilla de cultivo. Selva baja caducifolia. Donde termina el arroyo.
Associated Flora:
yaga bii, chumaga, fitufiu', gula bere', guiichi bupu, yaga xiñá, biruba guiiña, xhaga la, yaga biibi, dxima, guiichi bizaari, quebra acha, guiichi laya bi'cu, guiichi bidu', papaya dani, ma lu'lu, cortes, tau cuuni, guiichi ndani, bacua, guenda bidxu, xcuaana guiu, guiichi dxita