xhtuza niñu


Common Names:
xhtuza niñu
This name is used to refer to at least two species of two different genera, belonging to the Commelinaceae family. These herbs reach a height of 40 centimeters, and produce white, white with yellow or blue flowers and brown fruit. They are known for their flowers, which open very early in the morning and close before the sun has risen. They are considered beneficial to remove blemishes from the skin. They are usually found in abundance in maize fields. They are used for the manger of the Baby Jesus, hence the name, which can also be used to refer to any moss or hay used for a manger.
Selva baja caducifolia. Potreros de ganado. Selva baja caducifolia. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
yana', yaga bii, guiichi yaa, xhaga la, copachil, bara seda xiñá', guie' se', yaga xuga, guiichi bihui, sabi guini, guie' niza, chumaga, biitu xiga, guiichi bixa', sabi guini, guie' niza, bara seda, tau cuuni, guiichi yaa, guiichi xumi, guiichi bii, guie' se', xhaga la, guiichi bidoorre, guie' bi'chi, gula bere', quebra acha, bigupi benda, biquiiche yaase, yaga la guiaa, guie' bi'chi, yaga la guitu, yaazi, cortes, batuuba, guie' chaachi, mata buey, bidxi mula', dxima, la'sa bidxiña, guiichi xahui, papaya gui'xhi, luba' beella quii, bacuella gui'xhi, guie' biri