yaga ziña


Common Names:
yaga ziña
Abundant palm tree that reaches a height of 5 meters, which can be used in many ways. The bark can be used along with mud to build walls for different types of constructions, as well as for fences. The leaves are used to make beds. The shoot is used to make ribbons that are then used to make bags, baskets and the like. What remains after the production of these articles can be used to make brooms. The flowers of this palm tree are yellowish-white and flower during the dry season. The fruit is green and were eaten in the past.
Selva baja espinosa. Pastoreo de ganado.
Associated Flora:
ma lu'lu, guiichi bixa', guie' bi'chi, quebra acha, mata buey, guie' gade, marabia, yaga la guitu xiña, bacua, yaazi, biquiiche yaase, pimienta, guiichi bidu', tau cuuni, luba' guiichi gu, guiichi bateede, yaga la guiaa, batuuba', biquiiche quichi'